• Inteligentní průvodce přírodními destinacemi
  • Čas konání: Po 15.05.2023 12.45–13.00
  • An important task of participatory visitor management of nature-sensitive areas is to seek and promote a balance between the conservation needs, the interests, and the needs of local communities and their economies and the interests and needs of visitors. Nowadays, the range of tools used to achieve this goal can also include advanced information systems designed for destination management, visitors, or both of them. A recently developed system will be presented. It operates on top of a model of the territory, which includes routes usable for tourism, and can react to the current state of the territory. Destination management gets a web user interface through which the territory model can be developed and managed and through which the destination can be interpreted. The interpretations are delivered to visitors in a mobile application of a tourist guide, thus complementing the in-situ interpretive means. The system uses historical time series from visitor monitoring to predict the current state, helping the visitor to avoid overcrowded points of interest or route bottlenecks. Visitor behavior can be further influenced by setting warnings, route closures, time-limited events, defining a recommended circuit, or setting parameters for routes or points of interest. Interpretations in the digital form can be more easily created, managed, and maintained compared to physical interpretations which gives more opportunity for comprehensive and even personalized content to interpret the destination holistically (biotic, abiotic, cultural phenomena), multilingually, playfully (gamification principles), as narratives (stories), reflecting the changes in the area over time (both in seasonal or daily cycles and historically), didactically (systematic building of relevant knowledge) and as a result to build affection and respect for the landscape and nature. At the same time, the system collects data from visitors about their passage through the territory, visualizes this data, and adds to the knowledge of visitors’ spatiotemporal flows.
  • Prostor: Labský sál


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